Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ugh, Ugh, Ugh

Sometimes it is hard for me to recall what I have already shared, so please hang in there with me. For the sake of finances, I made the decision to stay on Heparin rather than switch back to Lovenox. Unofrtunately, many of my medical decisions have to be made based upon finances, to an extent. Heparin is a far inferior medication and it requires blood testing to monitor your platelets.

Today, the nurse called me out of the blue. She quickly blurted out that my platelet count was low and started to end the conversation. I was caught completely off guard. I stammered out, 'What?' and she replied that for now, the doctor didn't want to do anything other than re-test me in a month. The conversatin was very quick and I was left in shock.

If I'm being honest, because I wasn't expecting the call and because I don't know much about the topic, I didn't really ask any questions. I could kick myself for this.

Here is where things get bad: I made an epic error in judgement and turned to Dr. Google in hopes of determining some questions to ask when I go in on Tuesday. My doctor won't be present but I figured I could ask the nurse and she could have the doctor follow-up on anything she couldn't answer or if she felt the doctor should call me, etc.

I immediately emailed my MIL to ask if she had any questions I should ask. She replied that she thinks it will be OK and that my doctor is following proper protocol. That did make me feel better but I still feel like I should dig a little deeper.

I'm majorly concerned with flying for my baby shower, as flying is how my clotting disorder was initially detected. Ugh, I am so scared and worried. I feel like a schmuck for not asking better questions, such as the obvious, 'What was my number?'

Once again Rob and I had to have the conversation about what to do if something were to happen to me while pregnant. It is an ugly discussion but a necessary one. I am feeling very overwhelmed and frightened right now. My doctor called in some specialty heartburn medicine for me because the indigestion is just awful, and the medicine is not working (yet) so I'm even more on edge. If you have any to spare, would you send me some good thoughts and prayers?


  1. Praying! I think if it was anything serious they would have had you come in right away. Try not to worry too much. You can always call back tomorrow and ask your questions. It might give you some peace of mind.

  2. I'll be keeping you and your little man in prayer. What a tricky situation - hopefully you get some good answers and reassurance soon!