Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sam Is A Bad Boy

The last time I had to refill the syringes for my injections, Rob picked them up for me from Sam's Club. I used a few of them and then opened one that had what seemed like a very long needle. I wrote it off as a figment of my imagination until I noted there were quite a few of these long needles. I confirmed the different sizes on the packaging.

I told Rob I was worried they might be too long to be safe for the baby, given that I inject directly into my belly, but he convinced me it would be fine.

By chance I was doing my injection in front of one of my doctor's nurses and she was appalled at the length of the needle. Come to find out, not only did they give me the wrong size needle, but mixing different lengths in a prescription is never supposed to happen. So, now I have to go dramatize with them. I'm more pissed I will have to drive all the way down there in the heat, and that I paid for a bunch of needles I can't use. Good grief.

Update: I let the pharmacy know I was not too thrilled with the prospect of doing a home amniocentesis. They replaced all of the bad needles and apologized. There have been quite a few mishaps with this pharmacy, including them giving me medicine with someone else's information on it a few months ago. Now, I know I am my own best advocate so I am definitely monitoring what I put into my body given to me by them (or anyone) but at some point you need to be able to trust your pharmacy. I see a switch in my near future.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I should start by saying that I am not one of those women who purports to know exactly where her baby is positioned. In fact, I am not reliable to tell you anything related to where baby is and every week when I have my ultrasound I ask them to tell me.

For the past three weeks, baby has been head down. A few days ago, I could've sworn I felt him move. I didn't think much of it since I am not adept at guessing.

At today's ultrasound the tech says, "Is this baby ever going to move?"

I asked her to clarify and she said, "Well, he's breech!"

Now, obviously there is plenty of time for him to move to the "proper" position. And even more obvious, it doesn't matter what position he is in since I am not delivering vaginally. I was just so proud of myself for recognizing that he had moved on my own!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

34 Weeks

I know these photos aren't the most flattering but I thought it was super cute how intrigues Miss Paris was with my having my photo taken. She is too cute for words!

How Far Along: 34 Weeks.

Size of baby: Large cantaloupe (not to be confused with a small cantaloupe, LOL!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: According to my bi-weekly appointment I have lost 2 pounds. So, 13 pounds give or take. I'm still eating like every meal is the last supper so expect this amount to change by the time I post my 35 week update. And, in case anyone is wondering why there is such inconsistency on these updates, I do take the picture on the actual turnover day but I'm lazy about writing updates.

Maternity Clothes: My entire outfit today is non-maternity so that has me feeling good. That said, I had saved a lot of the clothes I wore when I was heavier, which I have been wearing in lieu of maternity clothes. At a birthing class last night someone complimented me on my jean skirt and while I was entirely flattered, by the time I got home after wearing it for several hours I looked at Rob and said, 'Time to retire this skirt. It had a good run.' Can we say TIIIIIGHT?

Gender: A beloved son!

Movement: He's running out of room, obviously, but some days he's still pretty active. I felt him change positions a few days ago!

Sleep: Despite a ton of energy in the first trimester, when most women are exhausted, I have hit a wall. I require a daily nap which is totally out of character!

What I miss: Not having to worry about glamorous things such as hemorrhoids. Ugh.

Cravings: Ice cream, which I attribute to it being hotter than hell on a Sunday. The heat is relentless; we're talking nearly 100 degrees at 10 p.m.

Symptoms: I can't stand for more than five minutes without feeling like I need to stab someone. Oh, and I am entirely cranky. Like, unreasonably so. I don't think pregnancy is an excuse to mistreat people so I have been having to sequester myself.

Best Moment this week: Yesterday's doctor appointment was good because I got to ask some questions related to my surgery. That was a relief. It is also nice to hear the baby's heartbeat. The weekly ultrasound and NST I had this morning were both awful appointments and I thought I was going to yell in the doctor's office. This is rare for me because typically I never mind waiting in a doctor's office because I know emergencies arise and I also know I'd want the same attention and to not feel rushed. In this case, three people who came after me were serviced first and I was livid. Rob said my true "angry" isn't really angry but I sure felt mad! Ha!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recommendations Needed

If you're a mom, please recommend your nursing bra!

That is all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Having A Baby in 5 Weeks!

I can't even believe i just typed that title. This entire pregnancy has gone by nice and slow and it has always felt like we have "plenty of time." I do not consider 5 weeks plenty of time, ha! Rob and I just looked at each other the other day and let out a cumulative, "Holy crap!"

Next weekend we are shampooing the carpet, and after that we will evaluate whether we want or need to paint. I still have to order a crib mattress and some bedding. At our infant CPR class they told us the baby is safest sleeping in our room for 6 (!) months so it is not like there is some sort of rush but the nesting instinct is kicking in.

I'm not ready! I know by this point most women are getting antsy about meeting their baby, and I am excited to meet him, but I'm also perfectly fine with him baking for as long as if safe. Even though I have a lot more peace about his arrival since I won't have the fear of a vaginal delivery, I am still scared out of mind. I figure that is normal. In the meantime, I guess I'd better get to washing some baby clothes and getting things ready! In my mind I have all I need but the truth is I haven't taken an inventory, really, so for all I know I might not even have any newborn or 0-3 month clothes! LOL! Not to mention, I suppose it would be prudent to purchase a pack of diapers....

Please send help! :)


I had an ultrasound this morning and another non-stress test. The ultrasound stunk. It was a new tech and the most stressful of my ultrasounds to date. The baby is OK, but he was sleeping and the entire time, the only photos she gave me were terrible and it was just "blech." My NST was done an hour late but I wasn't mad because it meant the woman before me was having difficulty. If you've never had a NST, you have to click a button when you feel your baby move and it registers it on the machine in relation to the baby's heartbeat. The nurse told me the woman was having a hard time determining when she felt movement. I can understand her frustration, as the machine is extremely loud and my baby doesn't like to cooperate when he is on "display."

In other news, my linea negra is now obvious to me. Rob says he has been able to see it for weeks but it is my opinion that my line is blessedly light-colored.

If you've been following our insurance saga, it is mostly resolved. The insurance company switched everything from Rob's name to mine and credited me for my deductible. LOL, it only took took a few thousand dollars to meet a $1,200 deductible. Sigh. The system is broken but we know that. From here on out I should be paying 20% for stuff. Hallelujah!

As I type this I got an email from Chili's advertising their new sangria. I really, really love sangria. I don't drink it often but it is delicious. Sigh. I intend to nurse so it is not like I will be drinking any time soon post-birth, anyway. But it will be more than worth it!


From my baby brother as he was examining my most recent ultrasound picture:

I don't mean for this to sound mean or hateful but I can't even tell what I'm looking at. This could be your pancreas for all I know!

Monday, June 20, 2011

33 Weeks!

How Far Along: 33 Weeks.

Size of baby: Honeydew.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 15 pounds. So much for a modest gain, right? Yikes! Time to lay off the sweets!

Maternity Clothes: This answer hasn't changed much from last week. Bottoms, yes, tops, both. I'd much rather lat around in my underwear; it's too hot!

Gender: A beloved son!

Movement: I love when he moves because my paranoia requires the reassurance he is OK. But my stomach and pelvis hurt, every day. The Braxton Hicks contractions were literally not happening at all and then yesterday they started with a freaking vengeance! This reaffirms for me I would've sucked at a vaginal delivery. Ugh!

Sleep: My bathroom breaks are up to a minimum of two so there isn't much uninterrupted sleep.

What I miss: Being able to sand up without a pain shooting through my pelvis.

Cravings: Cupcakes. Gee, I guess we all know where the weight gain is coming from!

Symptoms: My entire "trunk" hurts.

Best Moment this week: There were two things: 1. A healthy check up during my NST and ultrasound. Tomorrow I need to remember to ask the tech's best guess at baby's weight. I know it is not always accurate but I'm always curious. I don't bother to ask which percentile his measurements are in. 2. Rob and I were at the gym swimming laps. I half-jokingly told Rob he should try running the shallow end of the lane with my on his back to weight him down, and to my surprise he said to "jump on!" I did and we must've been the funniest sight.


So money is tight 'round these parts. Mainly, we are on a tight budget so that I can take have private health insurance. Our aim is to always rely on our own resources as opposed to government assistance (no shame in utilizing it, just leaving it for those who truly need it.) We couldn't afford for Rob to go onto COBRA, too, so he will have insurance in 3 months with his new employer. In the meantime, we are saying lots of prayers to ensure his safety.

All this to say, my husband has been slaving away at his new job. The hours are much better and he has been blessed with ample work (a far cry from his last job!) This past week he worked six days and he is anticipating a good pay check. He called me a minute ago and said, "I did even more hours than I originally thought. My check will be good. Now you can buy nursing bras and clothes that fit!" It was a very sweet sentiment. My pricey, sexxxy Frederick's of Hollywood bras have all but quit on me and it is time to make the move to something a little more pregnancy-practical. I had mentioned needing a few things and obviously he was listening. He is so proud to care and provide for his family. I, in turn, am proud of him and his work ethic.

Yesterday was Rob's first unofficial Father's Day and we spent the morning in the Minute Clinic because he has been having a severe allergic reaction to poison ivy. I won't make you lose your lunch with a photo but let's just say it is drawing stares and comments from strangers. Despite this, he put off seeing the RNP as long as he could and he has been suffering through the reaction in the heat. I had been pressuring him to go it looked at but he simply didn't want to take the time off. (It wasn't a money issue, as clearly we have reserves for this and medical attention is necessary. ) I'm simply so thankful I was blessed with a man who puts his family first. Hopefully the steroid therapy helps and he is back to feeling himself shortly!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Million Dollar Baby

We got a wonderful surprise this past weekend. My parents treated us to nursery furniture! We are overwhelmed with this amazing and generous gift. Here is the set:

The line is Annabelle from Million Dollar Baby. Now time to finalize the bedding!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


On a very regular basis my dad will approach me, wrap his arms around my stomach and "talk" to my baby. He is obsessed with feeling him move. It is very endearing to me and I am warmed every time my dad shows an interest; he's wanted a grandbaby for a long time. Anyway, the other night Rob shot this candid photo and it is now one of my favorites, even though our faces aren't showing:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Exciting News!

I had my last monthly doctor's visit this morning. Baby sounded really good but oddly enough, she didn't measure my fundal height. She was probably distracted by me regaling her with the horror stories my mom told me about swimming in lakes while pregnant, which is one of my new favorite things to do, LOL.

Anyway, I finally got around to asking if this is considered a "high risk" pregnancy. It's not. Phew! It's a "medium risk." I also confirmed that all the locals telling me the hospital I am delivering at doesn't have a NICU, are wrong. It has a level 2 and it is prepared for any infants born past 28 weeks, which I have already surpassed.

Beginning tomorrow I will have weekly NST's and ultrasounds to get even more detailed reports on baby's size. I don't mind the testing, it just makes me nervous that he even needs it. whatever it takes, though!


The most exciting news of all: we scheduled my c-section. Yup, I'm going through with having him delivered surgically. I have agonized over this decision for months and I have concluded that because it is medically safe, it is the best option if it means less stress for me (and in turn the baby.)

Our first bundle of joy will be arriving on July 26th!

32 Weeks

How Far Along: 32 Weeks.

Size of baby: Head of lettuce (still.)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 Pounds.

Maternity Clothes: This answer hasn't changed much from last week. Bottoms, yes, tops, both.

Gender: A beloved son!

Movement: We're in that weird phase where some days he's super active and others he is more relaxed. Last night I was panicking over a lack of movement so I made Rob go get me some lemonade at midnight so I could jump start some activity. Of course I suffered the rest of the night with heartburn, LOL.

Sleep: I'm not sleeping that well but I don't feel tired or in need of a nap. Makes no sense, I know!

What I miss: Martinis and my friends from California. The California part is solely relevant because even if I had the means to visit, it's too far in the game to do so.

Cravings: Watermelon, cherries and grapes. My dad has bought all three for me.

Symptoms: I can't bend forward without experiencing a very, very sharp pain. I also can't bend to put cortisone on my bug bites so I guess the most obvious "symptom" is a loss of range of motion, LOL!

Best Moment this week: Seeing Rob get so excited about the baby dedications at church (we don't do infant baptisms.) I got to hear the baby's heartbeat this morning, which is always a reassuring thrill. Also, I went to a fundraiser at Sonic for our church youth and I spilled literally everything I ate on my stomach. Normally this would send me over the edge but instead I chose to be excited my belly was growing.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cutie Patootie

I realize that shortly after The Plague I promised to show an updated picture of le bebe from our most recent ultrasound. I guess I never got around to it. For shame, I know! Anyway, here is our sweet little man rubbing his eyes:

I've always been one of those types of people who think that ultrasound pictures are really only cool to the parents of the child, or maybe a select few close friends and family. But for what it is worth, modern medicine has enabled us to see a remarkable progression inside the womb, and that is incredibly interesting to me! Truthfully, I don't know how I feel from a scientific or ethical standpoint about ultrasounds, entirely, but I do know that we would not have a 3D/4D done. I am grateful for the opportunity to measure our baby's growth in lieu of the drugs I must take to keep him safe. Regardless of my conflicted feelings, I cherish all of the pictures we have of him thus far.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 Weeks

Size of baby: Head of lettuce.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 9 Pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Yup! I'm actually slightly concerned because I've worn so many of my non-maternity clothes for so long that I worry they'll be all stretched out when I need to wear them again after delivery.

Gender: A beloved son!

Movement: I'm absolutely delighted that he is incredibly active. Sometime he's so busy with the acrobatics that the movements are strong enough to wake me!

Sleep: Ya win some and ya lose some. I'm OK either way. All hail the nap!

What I miss: Nothing this week, really.

Cravings: Blue Bunny Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream.

Symptoms: Just the usual. No real changes lately. <---Same as last week.

Best Moment this week: Some sweet friends from church gave me a TON of stuff, including a bassinet, a swing, a bouncer seat, a new carrier and much, much more. I know some people get apprehensive about used things but not me. I just feel so blessed that my friends felt moved to care for us in this way. I have been worried about being unprepared but I feel much better now. Now the only hard part will be keeping things in pristine condition to return, LOL!

30 Weeks

Man, this is seriously late. But for the sake of reminiscing in a few years, I felt it imperative that I still put it up. I will do a 31 week post when Rob gets home from work today and can take my picture.

How Far Along: 30 Weeks

Size of baby: I forgot to write it down but according to various other websites, baby is the size of head of cabbage.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I didn't weigh myself this week because The Plague I suffered caused me to lose 4 pounds in the first 24 hours.

Maternity Clothes: I am super thankful to my girlfriend Carrie for sending me some hand-me-downs. I own exactly two pairs of shorts so I am kind of limited. If you see me out and about, pretend it isn't an outfit you've already seen fifty times, LOL!

Gender: A beloved son!

Movement: Very, very active. Thank God!

Sleep: Eh, it's OK.

What I miss: This week I missed being able to function like a normal human being. I also missed eating. So glad The Plague has departed!

Cravings: None this week since I was lucky to be able to eat anything, period.

Symptoms: Just the usual. No real changes lately.

Best Moment this week: Swimming and being able to eat a delicious feast on Memorial Day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good News

So sorry for the delayed absence. It was certainly unplanned. Being sick last week really, wiped me out. I missed out on a lot of fun stuff, lost a ton of weight and basically laid around like a sloth. But, I'm feeling better now! When I get home I will work on my weekly updates.

Just wanted to thank everyone for the good vibes they sent our way-Rob is working a new job this week and so far it is going really well. Losing his last job was so.hard but everything happens for a reason. We are convinced God needed to remove him from a toxic situation, by any means necessary, even if it was painful. He didn't end up accepting the job he thought he really wanted but this new job is pretty cool, too. The best part if that he gets off at a reasonable hour of the day and it is only 5 miles away. So, thank you again for your support during The Great Sickness of 2011 (praying this is the only sickness...) and Rob's job woes.