Tuesday, June 28, 2011

34 Weeks

I know these photos aren't the most flattering but I thought it was super cute how intrigues Miss Paris was with my having my photo taken. She is too cute for words!

How Far Along: 34 Weeks.

Size of baby: Large cantaloupe (not to be confused with a small cantaloupe, LOL!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: According to my bi-weekly appointment I have lost 2 pounds. So, 13 pounds give or take. I'm still eating like every meal is the last supper so expect this amount to change by the time I post my 35 week update. And, in case anyone is wondering why there is such inconsistency on these updates, I do take the picture on the actual turnover day but I'm lazy about writing updates.

Maternity Clothes: My entire outfit today is non-maternity so that has me feeling good. That said, I had saved a lot of the clothes I wore when I was heavier, which I have been wearing in lieu of maternity clothes. At a birthing class last night someone complimented me on my jean skirt and while I was entirely flattered, by the time I got home after wearing it for several hours I looked at Rob and said, 'Time to retire this skirt. It had a good run.' Can we say TIIIIIGHT?

Gender: A beloved son!

Movement: He's running out of room, obviously, but some days he's still pretty active. I felt him change positions a few days ago!

Sleep: Despite a ton of energy in the first trimester, when most women are exhausted, I have hit a wall. I require a daily nap which is totally out of character!

What I miss: Not having to worry about glamorous things such as hemorrhoids. Ugh.

Cravings: Ice cream, which I attribute to it being hotter than hell on a Sunday. The heat is relentless; we're talking nearly 100 degrees at 10 p.m.

Symptoms: I can't stand for more than five minutes without feeling like I need to stab someone. Oh, and I am entirely cranky. Like, unreasonably so. I don't think pregnancy is an excuse to mistreat people so I have been having to sequester myself.

Best Moment this week: Yesterday's doctor appointment was good because I got to ask some questions related to my surgery. That was a relief. It is also nice to hear the baby's heartbeat. The weekly ultrasound and NST I had this morning were both awful appointments and I thought I was going to yell in the doctor's office. This is rare for me because typically I never mind waiting in a doctor's office because I know emergencies arise and I also know I'd want the same attention and to not feel rushed. In this case, three people who came after me were serviced first and I was livid. Rob said my true "angry" isn't really angry but I sure felt mad! Ha!

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