Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good News

So sorry for the delayed absence. It was certainly unplanned. Being sick last week really, wiped me out. I missed out on a lot of fun stuff, lost a ton of weight and basically laid around like a sloth. But, I'm feeling better now! When I get home I will work on my weekly updates.

Just wanted to thank everyone for the good vibes they sent our way-Rob is working a new job this week and so far it is going really well. Losing his last job was so.hard but everything happens for a reason. We are convinced God needed to remove him from a toxic situation, by any means necessary, even if it was painful. He didn't end up accepting the job he thought he really wanted but this new job is pretty cool, too. The best part if that he gets off at a reasonable hour of the day and it is only 5 miles away. So, thank you again for your support during The Great Sickness of 2011 (praying this is the only sickness...) and Rob's job woes.

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