Monday, November 21, 2011

Call me Petty

I am irrationally annoyed with my parents so I did the most logical thing and ate the brownie "ribbon" out of their Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

That is all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I guess I take a long time to learn certain lessons.

Time after time, if I am rushed or feeling inconvenienced while out and about, I will try to feed Lincoln formula. It never, ever ends well. Never.

This last time, Lincoln didn't poop for two days, and when he finally did, he was miserable and uncomfortable ALL DAY. The results were...pretty epic. Poor baby! I need to just surrender to his needs and stop what I am doing and nurse him. His second breakfast of the day is during the time we are usually in church on Sundays so I have been relegated to sitting in the nursing "closet" which sucks but is bearable. I really wish they had a chair in their with arms, but the bright side is that I am working on my arm muscles!

Anyway, all this to say, I need to take my cues from Lincoln and work on my stubbornness. No more forcing the formula issue!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Texas State Fair 2011

My parents treated us to the Texas State Fair. I have to say, it didn't live up to my expectations. Granted, is was several times larger than the one I'd attended for years in California, but I think it was too hyped up. These pictures are simply awful, but, they're better than nothing! Since we only went for the food, here is a recap of what we ate:

Fried corn
Fried s'mores
Fried brownies
Brisket tacos
Chicken fried bacon
Frozen Arnold Palmer
Deep fried margarita (actually, that was only my aunt as I don't consume tequila, ever.)
Rib sandwich (dumbest concept ever, BTW)

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

Since Lincoln is still so tiny, we didn't trick-or-treat (obviously) but I did want him to wear a costume to document his first Halloween. I wanted to get him a costume, but to be honest, we have some financial hurdles and there isn't much money to go around to buy one. So! He wore a more age-appropriate "costume" AKA glow in the dark pajamas! Our pumpkin experience was a far cry from what we were used to in California. The extent of our "patch" was usually in the parking lot of the local mall, or Target. Ha! The culture shock never ends around here... This was an actual farm. We rode on a hayride, ate a hot dog and interacted with animals that far exceeded a petting zoo. The owners of the farm are geniuses. For the price of your admission you get a hot dog and feed for the animals. If you visit on a weekday you also got a small pumpkin. They have devised a way to get you to pay directly for their animal feed. Smart business model! Anyway, here are some photos of our day:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Months! Wow!

I can't believe my beloved Lincoln is now three months old! He is truly the love of my life! He "talks" up a storm and loves to shove his hands in his mouth. He is right on track develpmentally and I couldn't feel and more blessed to call him my son.

How did my little peanut get so big? Time is flying way too fast! And to think, it all started with the best day of my life:

Here he is at two months, too:

And just for fun, here is what Lincoln really thinks about his monthy photo shoots (or really, any photo I try to take!):

On Bed-Sharing

I jokingly mentioned in my last post about how "awful" bed-sharing is and thought I might elaborate a bit.

I don't actually think it is awful. In fact, Lincoln has slept in our bed quite a bit. I have read all the statistics, I know of all the dangers, and I actually fought the good fight against having him sleep with us, but in the beginning he did spend quite a bit of time with us.

Now, first and foremost, women have been sleeping with their babies since, well, ever, so I know that there is a primal urge for some of us to have our babies close. Secondly, Lincoln is breastfed; according to my research, babies who are bottle fed aren't supposed to bed-share because they are deeper sleepers (or something like that) and less likely to wake when in a precarious sleeping situation.

I am an incredibly light sleeper and if he so much as sighs in his sleep, I wake up. This holds true as he sleeps in his bassinet every night, too. It is actually problematic in terms of me getting consecutive rest, but I'm simply not interested in putting him in his nursery yet. We will be following the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendation to keep him in our room till he is six months old.

For the majority of the time he slept in our bed, he was in a Nap Nanny. Now, I am sure if someone from their company stumbled upon this post they'd lose their $#!t because the Nap Nanny clearly states it should never be used in a bed. But! With the Nap Nanny between us, there was literally no way in hell it could've tipped over and spilled our most precious contents. It's supposed to be used on the floor but there is no way I'd put my baby on the floor.

Lastly, we never use linens that could smother him, etc. Our bed is a king and Lincoln and I are far sequestered from Rob so I feel it is safe. At this point, because of his reflux, Lincoln doesn't do well sleeping flat so he only comes to bed to nurse when I need a nap during the day. Frankly, I don't sleep well when he is in bed with us because I sleep in a position to shelter and accommodate him, so my back and arms hurt quite a bit. All this to say, we don't bed-share now because it isn't restful, not because I think it is truly awful. OK, there's my peace about that.