Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I guess I take a long time to learn certain lessons.

Time after time, if I am rushed or feeling inconvenienced while out and about, I will try to feed Lincoln formula. It never, ever ends well. Never.

This last time, Lincoln didn't poop for two days, and when he finally did, he was miserable and uncomfortable ALL DAY. The results were...pretty epic. Poor baby! I need to just surrender to his needs and stop what I am doing and nurse him. His second breakfast of the day is during the time we are usually in church on Sundays so I have been relegated to sitting in the nursing "closet" which sucks but is bearable. I really wish they had a chair in their with arms, but the bright side is that I am working on my arm muscles!

Anyway, all this to say, I need to take my cues from Lincoln and work on my stubbornness. No more forcing the formula issue!


  1. I've been supplementing a bottle a day the past couple weeks, and we also have some poo issues! It's definitely been a challenge for us, so my first goal was 2 months. I keep saying I'm going to stop, but I never go through with it. Next goal is 4 months!

  2. Have you had any luck with pumping? Charlie had been refusing bottles... but we FINALLY had success today! I was so glad to be able to leave him with a sitter and get a pedicure :)

  3. Yes, I pump all the time but the instances in question either the milk would've soured had I brought frozen breats milk, or he was hungry unexpectedly while out and about. I have tried the priciest formula on the market, sensitive, etc. and it all stops him up. Poor little guy!

  4. With my babies, I breastfed while out because it is sooo much more convenient than bottles (my sister-in-law had to switch to formula, so I got to see her situation at the same time). I would take my baby in a sling, where he (or she) could feed discretely, maybe with a blanket tossed over my shoulder for more privacy in some situations.