Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Having A Baby in 5 Weeks!

I can't even believe i just typed that title. This entire pregnancy has gone by nice and slow and it has always felt like we have "plenty of time." I do not consider 5 weeks plenty of time, ha! Rob and I just looked at each other the other day and let out a cumulative, "Holy crap!"

Next weekend we are shampooing the carpet, and after that we will evaluate whether we want or need to paint. I still have to order a crib mattress and some bedding. At our infant CPR class they told us the baby is safest sleeping in our room for 6 (!) months so it is not like there is some sort of rush but the nesting instinct is kicking in.

I'm not ready! I know by this point most women are getting antsy about meeting their baby, and I am excited to meet him, but I'm also perfectly fine with him baking for as long as if safe. Even though I have a lot more peace about his arrival since I won't have the fear of a vaginal delivery, I am still scared out of mind. I figure that is normal. In the meantime, I guess I'd better get to washing some baby clothes and getting things ready! In my mind I have all I need but the truth is I haven't taken an inventory, really, so for all I know I might not even have any newborn or 0-3 month clothes! LOL! Not to mention, I suppose it would be prudent to purchase a pack of diapers....

Please send help! :)

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  1. Oh. my. goodness. When did our due date get so CLOSE?!