Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I had an ultrasound this morning and another non-stress test. The ultrasound stunk. It was a new tech and the most stressful of my ultrasounds to date. The baby is OK, but he was sleeping and the entire time, the only photos she gave me were terrible and it was just "blech." My NST was done an hour late but I wasn't mad because it meant the woman before me was having difficulty. If you've never had a NST, you have to click a button when you feel your baby move and it registers it on the machine in relation to the baby's heartbeat. The nurse told me the woman was having a hard time determining when she felt movement. I can understand her frustration, as the machine is extremely loud and my baby doesn't like to cooperate when he is on "display."

In other news, my linea negra is now obvious to me. Rob says he has been able to see it for weeks but it is my opinion that my line is blessedly light-colored.

If you've been following our insurance saga, it is mostly resolved. The insurance company switched everything from Rob's name to mine and credited me for my deductible. LOL, it only took took a few thousand dollars to meet a $1,200 deductible. Sigh. The system is broken but we know that. From here on out I should be paying 20% for stuff. Hallelujah!

As I type this I got an email from Chili's advertising their new sangria. I really, really love sangria. I don't drink it often but it is delicious. Sigh. I intend to nurse so it is not like I will be drinking any time soon post-birth, anyway. But it will be more than worth it!

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