Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too Soon?

I am really confused about the weeks versus months aspect of pregnancy. According to my common sense calculations, because I am approaching my 25th week, this puts me in my sixth month. According to an online resource I had been using to track viability, I am closer to month seven.

Whatever the case, isn't it way too soon to be uncomfortable during the night? Regardless of which side I try to lay on, bebe will kick me repetitively, which tells me he doesn't like my position? Supposedly sleeping on your back is bad, but it doesn't matter because I can't breathe anyway if I do!

So is it too soon to be a walrus?


  1. I was always confused by that as well. I actually read somewhere that you're technically pregnant for 10 months, which I could never quite figure out.

    And nope, there is never a comfortable position after the mid-way point. Definitely not too soon to be a walrus! I'm already catching myself waddling a bit, which is absolutely ridiculous since I'm only at 14 weeks.

    And I did find your last post humerous. I think you were overly worried.

  2. I am ridiculously uncomfortable - at night, during the day... the 25lb weight gain hasn't helped matters any! Stretching (for a LONG time - like 30 minutes at least) and yoga really help the aches and pains. Good luck finding a comfy sleeping position :)