Saturday, April 2, 2011

Belly Button

On March 31, Rob was pretty confident he felt the baby move. Now, he has been obsessed with feeling movement for a few weeks now so I was honestly a little surprised he didn't act more excited. Maybe it was because it felt so faint? Whatever the case, I am hoping for a bit more enthusiasm in the future.

Meanwhile, Rob has developed a distinct obsession with my belly button. It is rather quite hilarious and I feel like I need to document it for posterity. Some days I am so thankful for this blog!

Anyway, Rob began putting his finger in my belly button every single day. I suppose he was trying to measure how shallow it was getting. I finally demanded he stop because it was making me feel insecure. He even wanted to tape a marble in there, in hopes he'd get to see it forced out from the pressure. Or something. Ha! I put an end to this idea, of course.

Of all things to develop a preoccupation with, my belly button was last on my list of ideas. I think it is super funny. Rob is counting the days till it turns into an "outie." Not me, I am dreading it! Anybody else's spouse have a weird fixation during their pregnancy?

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