Friday, April 29, 2011

Who Knew?

Baby bedding? Is super expensive. I suppose it stands to reason that the cost could vary depending on how fancy or high-end you went, but who besides Mariah Carrey can afford $800 for a fitted sheet, bumper and blanket? It seems foolish to drop major money on bedding they will puke on, poop on, and only sleep on for a very short time. Not to mention, my research indicates that the costly bumper included with most sets is actually very dangerous, so you don't even use it.

I think I will go with white sheets I can sterilize after accidents and spend my money on a custom quilt. Any suggestions from my mommy friends on what pieces are vital to a bedding set, or where to buy a nice one? Etsy did nothing for me, despite several options. I'm leaning towards a classic car theme, which is proving difficult at best. Ah, First World problems!


  1. We got Lucy's off Amazon. I can't remember the brand, and I don't see it listed, but they have lots of cute sets.

  2. For baby bedding, I used fitted crib sheets and A LOT of receiving blankets. My research suggested avoiding any puffy bedding for the first year. By that time, each of my babies was at least half-finished with the crib, so I don't see a lot of value to spending much on co-ordinated or themed bedding -- wait for the larger bed and pick a theme or topic that your child likes. My receiving blankets were home-made and a bit bigger than those I saw in the stores. They are super-easy to make by anyone basically familiar with a sewing machine: get a lot of inexpensive flannel or cotton broadcloth, cut it into big squares (the width of the fabric), and hem the edges. I used receiving blankets for swaddling my baby, as an extra bottom layer on the bed (it's easier to change than the fitted sheet or can be used to cover a damp spot), as a nursing cover, as a stroller blanket, as a shoulder cover for burping or catching drool, as a top sheet for an older baby, ... the list goes on.

  3. We did amazon as well. Or overstock. Both had lots of choices. And we definitely used the bumpers with both girls. If you tie them up tight enough, they don't move around as babies so there is no chance of them falling & suffocating. We did take them down once the girls got mobile in case they pulled them down, but once they could do that, they'd be able to move it if got over their face anyhow. We never worried about that.