Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh, Heparin, How You Stress Me

I spoke with my nurse advocate today about my concerns regarding my low platelet count. For those of you that didn't have one, a nurse advocate tracks you during your pregnancy and is available for consultation at any time so you don't have to stress over getting a hold of your doctor, etc. It's a lovely service (she even gave me an impromptu anatomy lesson today, ha!)

Anyway, she educated me on some things that did make me feel better. She concurred with my MIL that the platelet number must not be imperatively low if the doctor feels it is OK to re-check in a month, and not sooner. She also said Heparin is a good medicine because it doesn't cross the placenta, which I had never heard, but which brought me extreme comfort.

The bottom line is, I will ask (again) if it is safe to fly for my baby shower given the newest test results but other than that I will not agonize. I will also leave Dr. Google to his lonesome rather than allow him to send me into a tailspin, which is good protocol anyway! I have a growth ultrasound and I will simply focus on the joy of getting to see my baby another time.

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