Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wow, Friends

I have an internet friend named Libelletage. She sort've flies under the radar so I hope she isn't mad at me for posting this but I wanted to give her kudos for helping me. I don't think she even reads this blog so hopefully I will be fine.

Anyway, she is really helping me with this pregnancy. Specifically, she is a nurse and has never hesitated to answer any of my questions regarding these daily injections I have to give myself. Some of it has been scary-bruising, weird pouches under the skin, etc. It's hard enough to navigate a first pregnancy, but adding heavy-duty drugs can drive a woman mad!

Anyway, she has never once complained that I am burdening her. And that's nice because I quickly feel like I am bothersome. We should all have a friend with such expertise and patience!

Whoops, gotta cut this short as the old MAC is on the fritz and my very dear friend is trying to fix it from 1,500 miles away!

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