Friday, February 18, 2011

16 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 16 Weeks

Size of baby: Avocado. Mmmmn, guacamole!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: None. Phew!

Maternity Clothes: Rob took me to Motherhood and insisted I buy some higher quality bottoms than I'd gotten at Old Navy. I have such body hang-ups, I'll admit. I started off trying on clothes that were a size too big but the sales associate convinced me to try on pants in my size and they fit much better- I no longer look like I have a load in my pants.

Gender: I am Team Green (still.)

Movement: I was up for my nightly pee break and could've sworn I felt the slightest flutter but I am sure I was wrong. Methinks it's still too soon.

Sleep: My nightly wake up is now between 3-4. Random.

What I miss: Nothing, really.

Cravings: Ice cream. It is sooo hot! Also, carrots and broccoli slaw.

Symptoms: My hair and skin are both disgusting.

Best Moment this week: We got to hear the heart beat!

***If I look horrid in this picture there is a reason. It is hot here, we had just got done cleaning the church, it was late at night and I was annoyed. A lethal combo for taking a happy photo, lol. Rob has this Will Ferrel app on his phone and he couldn't figure out how to turn it off and so the entire time he was trying to take my picture, all I could hear was Will Ferrel making crass, stoopid jokes. Coupled with Dustin sitting on the couch complaining the app was drowning out Jersey Shore, I was ready to junk punch someone!

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