Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sling Safety

When you're pregnant you get bombarded with free offers, coupons, and the like. Most of it is useless. One cool offer I received was for a free baby sling. I quickly ordered one, since I refuse to pass up a deal.

When it arrived I was super excited. But then, I got comments from two family members about how dangerous slings are, how the baby will fall out, how they're difficult to use, etc.

I don't think they're as dangerous as claimed. As for the level of difficulty, well, I am sure some types/brands are more of a pain than others. But what better way to try it than a free one, right? Besides, women have been carrying their children in slings since the invention of fabric so I assume it couldn't truly be lethal.

Have you ever used a sling before? If so, did you love it or hate it?

1 comment:

  1. I could not have survived without my sling with Alexa. I used it almost the entire first year & she loved it at all different stages. She would sleep so soundly in it & I could carry her around while doing all sorts of things. Of course you should keep an eye for suffocation cause they are pretty snug in there when they are infants, but if you are always aware of your baby, you have nothing to worry about. I love slings. Better than carriers because I think it's more natural for the baby.