Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Just You Wait"

My pregnancy has been relatively symptom-free. Each time I experience something that seems pregnancy-related, my mom negates it with, "Oh just you wait!"

I commented that I feel fuller, sooner, when eating. "Just you wait, you won't be able to finish a sandwich."

My pants don't fit right, "Just you wait, in 2months you won't have anything to wear and you'll be miserable in the heat."

It goes on and on. Has anyone else had this experience with their mother or someone else? It leaves me feeling as though I am not "pregnant enough." How far along must I be before it is legitimate? Having never been pregnant before, it certainly feels like these "symptoms" are real. I mean, how else would I notice these things unless they were happening?

I don't think my mom means anything by it but I do find it annoying. I am sure the comments and assvice will only get worse, especially from others, as my pregnancy progresses.

On another note, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow. I always get nervous and anxious that something will be wrong. I can't shake it. I think it will be easier on me when I can feel the baby move because then I will have something judge upon. On top of that, there is mass chaos involved with our insurance that will be kicking in April 1st. T&P's would be appreciated regarding this issue. Muchas gracias.

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