Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's In A Name? Um, A Lot!

Like most people, I feel pretty passionate about the naming of people. In case you missed it, check this blog I posted in December for one of the best videos I've ever seen. No, really, one of the best videos ever. It pretty much sums up my thoughts perfectly.

Anyway, I was watching Say Yes to the Dress this morning and a woman came in with her young daughter and the daughter's name was Duvae, pronounced "duvet." I was hoping to give the mom the benefit of the doubt that perhaps they were French or attempting something fancy and unique, until this little gem from the mom:

"Duvae was our last baby. We named her after the comforter hoping she'd be the comfort in our life. It worked!"

Um, what? You named your kid after a linen?

I can die now because I have heard everything.

P.S. I have a friend named Cadence but she was named that lonnnnnng before it was cool so she gets points for having original parents. The rest is just ridiculous.


  1. Wha?? That made me roll my eyes. What a story to tell when she's asked where her name comes from. Do you know someone IRL named Cadence, or were you taking about me?? :) I've run into two kids in town with my name. It's not so rare anymore. :(

  2. @Cady Nope, I was referring to you AKA The Original Cadence!! I have noticed a lot of kids being named Cadence lately, too.