Monday, January 24, 2011

What A Difference A Few Days Make!

I was still on the fence about getting the NT scan as of this morning but by the time I got around to showering it was a mere 3 hours prior to the appointment and since they are so hard to come by, I felt it would be inconsiderate and unprofessional to cancel so close to the appointment. I also chalked it up to another chance to see the Puerto Rican Jumping Bean.

Here is a picture of the baby sucking its thumb (it is more obvious on the hard copy):

Here is a picture of it waving:

Here is a picture of it kicking its feet:

The Puerto Rican Jumping Bean still vaguely resembled an alien just last Wednesday so it is miraculous to me how quickly it is looking like a "real" baby!

P.S. Can everyone please cross their fingers it doesn't get my nose? That would not be cute! Rob has a much better nose!


  1. Baby! So awesome how they can get such cool yet strange photos of babies. :-) Congratulations again!

  2. Awww... he/she is adorable already. And already melting hearts. I got teary looking at these. I am SOOOOOO ready for another one (and shhhhh.... between us, I was ovulating yesterday & Eddie agreed to let us try!!!). Hope the tests all come back perfect!