Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Heparin

Readers of my old blog know I have a blood clotting disorder. Here is a quick recap:

2007 travelled out of the country and returned with extreme swelling in my legs/ankles. Tested positive for DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis.) Admitted to the hospital but they could not locate a clot. Ob/GYN runs several DNA tests and tells me I am Factor V Leiden positive. Inform my brother's oncology surgeon of blood clotting disorder as a precaution; surgeon disavows my ability to test positive. I call my Ob/GYN and she sends me to a geneticist. The geneticist tells me my Ob/GYN is incorrect, that I in fact have MTHFR (Monday-Thursday-Friday Syndrome.) I call Ob/gyn and she proves her incompetency to me by claiming she never told me I was Factor V Leiden positive, and that she has no idea how I got to a geneticist.

Today was our first doctor's appointment. Squeeeeee!

we got to see our little Puerto Rican Jumping Bean. It was flailing its arms and legs all over and didn't want to be photographed but we got a couple of different shots. I am hesitant to post them here because I know when I've seen those pictures they look like an alien blob you can barely decipher so I don't want to waste your time.

My new doctor asked me how I knew I had MTHFR Syndrome. I told her the entire story. She said the treatment for both disorders is the same, but that the medical community is divided on what to do, if anything, in the case of MTHFR Syndrome. Some doctors do absolutely nothing at all. She said she takes a very aggressive approach and recommended I begin taking Levonox.

As you all know, I do not currently have insurance. Lovenox is $700/month. Could I afford it? Probably. Would it be smart? Not so much. Instead, I am going to be taking Heparin, which is $200 for a 25-day supply. I have to inject myself in the gut twice, daily.

Let me tell you, finding this drug has been a real task. Thankfully the tech at Wal-mart suggested we go to a compounding formulary in the next town over. They were able to call a supplier and will have it tomorrow.

Let's say the pharmacist didn't instill a lot of faith. His exact words were, "Well, Heparin used to be cheap. Then they had that massive recall. Now that it's been reissued it's more expensive."

Uh...recall? I have decided I will not be asking Dr. Google any questions about the Heparin, the recall, or potential effects to the Puerto Rican Jumping Bean. The doctor told me it was extremely safe, and that the alternative (a late-term miscarriage or other unique birth defects) was not something I'd want any part of. She also said she would've taken it while she was pregnant, and that she has MTHFR Syndrome, too (but didn't know till after she delivered-this syndrome is tricky and is either epically bad or not bad at all...I don't want to take the chance!)

I am really happy that I share the core beliefs of my doctor regarding birth! I felt respected and cared for.

Lastly, much to my shock, I was 100% correct on my speculation for when I'd be due. Literally, to the day. Now we all know the Puerto Rican Jumping Bean will come on its own time, but I was shocked at my ability to pinpoint ovulation and do pregnancy math!

Tonight I will have Rob take my picture for anyone that wants to see my pregnant self!

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  1. First of all... congratulations! Now that I know this blog exists, I will definitely be adding it to my feed. You kept it quiet for so long! And wow about the whole weird illness. That's so crazy. I will pray that everything goes well with the medicine.

    And the spotting... I did more than spotting (outright bleeding) 4 different times when I was pregnant with Ava. So much the first time that I called the dr & said that I'm sure I must have miscarried. I believe I was at 12 weeks then. I went right in & there was a moving baby with a hearbeat. The dr. was shocked cause she was expecting to tell me bad news. She had no idea why I was bleeding. Then it happened 3 more times. By the 4th time, I didn't even call the dr. I just waited for my next appt. I still have no idea what it was all about, but obviously Ava turned out just fine.

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful ultrasound today & that all is well. Can't wait to follow your pregnancy & mama journey!