Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Fetus With the Mostest

I have a confession: usually when people upload pictures from their ultrasound, I think the baby looks like either an alien or a blob. Well, mine has moved from the blob phase to the alien phase. Nevertheless, this is my journal and my friend Rachel said she wanted to see this sort of stuff. So! This is our baby. It did NOT want to be photographed (already like its parents!) During the ultrasound it did a somersault and was dancing. When it dances the arms and legs are very pronounced, unlike in this picture where it decided to curl into a ball. If you are like me and need some direction, the head is on the left (the alien-looking seed-thingy) and the four brightly-colored parts are its limbs.

To be noted-when the doctor showed us the baby, I yelled out 'It's our person!' and Rob was in such awe he literally said nothing. Men and women are so different!

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