Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miracles DO Happen

Remember yesterday's Heparin drama? Well, today a miracle occurred!

My doctor's office called and asked if I had already filled the prescription for Heparin. I explained that it was on order and that I was waiting. They told me to cancel it.

Apparently, yesterday the doctors were consulting on their day and the other doctor in their practice recalled that she had a patient who was on the same medicine but had delivered early. The other doctor procured for me her patient's leftover medicine.

Almost two months' worth of medicine.

This is a double miracle! 1. A random stranger donated $2,000 worth of medicine to someone she's never met and 2. it will last me almost till my new insurance kicks in.

I am humbled by her kindness and generosity. I intend to write her a thank you note and pay the good deed forward in my own way. I am also thankful to my doctor for going above and beyond for me. She only met me once but is doing all she can to make my life easier. When I went in to pick up the medicine she chatted with me and was rubbing my back-such a kind person!

So tonight I gave myself my first injection of liquid gold. The needle itself didn't hurt about but shooting the medicine in certainly burned. It's OK. I'll take the burn. I'm just so happy and thankful.

This was my daily reminder that God always provides.


  1. Yay! You just can't help but feel God's love when things like this happen. It definitely puts a smile on my face!

  2. :-) Just caught up on your preggo blog. I am glad you have an awesome DR and that things are working out so beautifully!