Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have lost 7 pounds due to some unfortunate family stress.

Plus, we have not been eating out due to finances and I have been trying to moderate my portions and eat a little better.

I couldn't figure out why my weight was going down but my gut was getting bigger. Some of this must be baby, even though it seems far too early. I thought the heavier you were the later you show. And, this is my first baby so I am double-y convinced that I shouldn't be showing.

The nurse I spoke with when making my appointment was trying to ascertain how far along I am (because pregnancy math is beyond my capability, mostly) and she thinks I am pushing the envelope on the 2nd trimester.

All this to say, all the information I have read doesn't explain if it is possible to have a mini belly, etc. And furthermore, my hips hurt REALLY bad. It feels like what I expect sciatica to feel like. It is impossible to get comfortable in bed and actually sleep. I have tried a long body pillow but it doesn't help much.

What do all you mommy's think?

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