Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Glory Days Are O-vah!

It happened.

I finally gained some weight.

4 pounds! Yikes! I'd better slow down. I don't understand-I'm not even 14 weeks yet so I'm not considered 2nd trimester. I thought gaining weight in the 1st trimester was a major no-no?

I need to slow it down! I've been eating pretty well but I suspect not often enough. Thus, time to tweak my diet even further. I keep fixating on having to get rid of the baby weight on top of the other weight I desire to shed and I get overwhelmed so I really need to fixate on gaining low and slow.

Wish me luck?


  1. I thought 2nd trimester started at 13 weeks. Has it changed?

  2. @Liz Gosh I don't know. All of my daily pregnancy trackers are still saying I am in my 1st tri and I am 13w6d today! That'd be a big relief if it truly is the 2nd tri already!