Wednesday, January 5, 2011


* Because of the spotting my paranoia kicked into overdrive and I insisted on taking three pregnancy tests. Best $10 I ever spent. I know you can miscarry and still test positive but I'm not letting my mind or Dr. Google freak me out.

* It's no secret I'm not a tiny waif. I've been really worried about getting super fat so I have been watching my food intake like a hawk. Aside from near-constant whole milk cravings, I'd say I'm doing well. I'm almost 10 weeks (I think) and haven't changed by even an ounce (I have tested this theory in the morning and evening, and on an empty and full stomach.) I don't need any food issue demons coming out of my closets.

* The best part of being poor is not having the money to give in to every food craving I have. I might sell the baby for some good Chinese or a hot wing!

* I will finally be able to go to my first appointment in February. I am hoping my husband can come with me, and that they trust my pregnancy math to allow me to schedule an ultrasound. I guess doctors don't like to do them till they've proved to themselves how far along you are.

That's all I got. I'm confident the theme of this blog is interesting only to me, or maybe to a few of my sympathetic mommy friends.

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