Saturday, January 29, 2011

So, Where's All This Great Sex You Guys Rave About?

Let's talk "pregnancy sex." I have heard lots of women tell me it is a glorious time filled with multiple orgasms and unicorns and fairy dust.

If I'm being real, I will admit it has been over a month since we had sex. The first part was due to the spotting issues, and then life threw me some emotional curve balls from which I had difficulty recovering.

And you know what? I'm not in the mood. The only time of day I feel queasy is in the evenings, and I'm pretty much a blob.

I am really hoping that as I progress into the second trimester, my libido makes a return.

It is not my intention to turn into one of "those couples." You know the ones? They have sex so infrequently that it becomes a habit. A sexless marriage is not a habit I want.

I owe myself and Rob more than that.

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  1. It definitely picks up in the 2nd trimester. More sex dreams and a higher libido, for sure. I had ups & downs depending on how the pregnancy was making me feel, but overall it was pretty good.