Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Insurance Saga

Previously I said I would be going to my first doctor appointment in February. This is no longer true. The good news, I will be going sooner. Allow me to explain.

When we got our COBRA paperwork it was only a couple of pages, nothing like the large packet I was expecting. Under the timeline it said we needed to join the plan by January 20th. I've gone over the papers several times and nowhere does it state that there can't be a lapse in coverage. What this means is that we would've needed to have been paying since the end of November.

We sent off our payment in January for services to start in February. Then we got a call stating that our payment would be applied towards December, AKA a month that has already passed and in which we would not be able to use services. The payments are $1,000/month and we would need to come up with January's on the spot as well as February's before the end of the month. That would, quite literally, financially cripple us for several reasons.

Time to look for Plan B.

There is a remote possibility we will be able to get onto Rob's insurance early if we pay the premium in full until which time he is eligible for the contribution.

I don't qualify for any type of aid.

So we've decided on a calculated risk.

Let it be known, I am not a risk taker. It is not in my blood. My personality rarely allows for it. I am a planner and that is all I can say to impress upon you how dire the situation must feel in order for me to take such a risk.

I called and Ob/GYN who will accept my insurance when it is activated. In the meantime I will be paying cash for my visits.

A lot of cash.

But, I need the care and the money is worth my peace of mind.

Plus, obviously, I don't have a lot of options.

I go for my first appointment and ultrasound on the 19th. It can't come quick enough. God willing everything will check out healthy. If not, then we will address Plan C. If you're so inclined, I would appreciate prayers for success with Plan B. A decision needed to be made and after much prayerful consideration, this seemed the best option. Even so, it's scary.

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