Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This weekend is our first baby shower and we are super excited! We are flying to California tomorrow and while there is a lot to do, it's the type of chores that are exciting, not tedious. Rob got a haircut, I am getting my hair done, and yesterday I got a specialty manicure that will supposedly last many weeks. Since I was laid off I stopped getting my nails and hair done with the exception of two haircuts so this is a fun, big deal for me!

If you're one of my California people, I really hope to see you on either Friday night or Saturday. I'm really excited for my shower because I will (hopefully) be getting to see some of my friends I didn't get to see on my last trip. It was so hard making a shower guest list. There were a handful of friends I wanted to invite but didn't because we aren't super tight and I didn't want anyone to think I was looking for gifts! I was really worried about the guest list because there was a debacle with the printing company (my girlfriend paid an extra fee for them to ship the printed invites directly so they'd be expedited and at least three people mentioned not receiving theirs. So upsetting!) I'm just really excited to see my friends and my mom bought me a new shirt to wear, too! Yay!

Our next shower is in about three weeks. Over fifty people are invited, and I must say with honesty that I only know a handful of them. I am excited for that shower, too, because I will get a chance to meet new people. How strange to think you'll be meeting people at what is typically an intimate event, right? Gotta love a loving church!

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