Monday, May 23, 2011

29 Weeks and My Last Baby Shower!

How Far Along: 29 Weeks

Size of baby: Small cabbage (I fail to see how that is larger than last week's cauliflower but I digress...)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: The scale on my daily change said 11 pounds (still) but today it said 13 pounds on a full stomach. 2 pounds in one week means s-l-o-w down!

Maternity Clothes: Previously I had mostly been in maternity bottoms but now many of the shirts Rob bought me a few months ago are starting to fit. Exciting!

Gender: A beloved son!

Movement: Baby is doing his best impression of the Predator and Alien movies. Sometimes he is so aggressive in there it looks like he's trying to claw his way out! If I rest something on my belly he can easily kick or punch it off.

Sleep: Could be worse. In looking at the bright side, I am confident my 15 years of insomnia will help me rather than hurt me when it comes to being accustomed to lack of sleep, keeping odd hours, etc.

What I miss: I would like a martini and to be able to see where I am shaving.

Cravings: Chocolate cake with rainbow chip frosting. I have the frosting I just need to battle the chronic laziness and get it baked. I made some banana bread today and three dozen muffins for church this weekend so I don't know why I can't get my act together for one little cake!

Symptoms: Well, I think my stomach is officially to the point of having less room. The other night I took my heartburn pill at midnight. At 1 a.m. I woke with what I thought was post-nasal drip and when I went to blow my nose I was dismayed to vomit. And I puked big time! It was the oddest thing because my stomach didn't hurt before, during or after but it was full fledged puking. Thank you heartburn and re-arranged internal organs!

Best Moment this week: Two things: 1. I got to hear the heartbeat again and 2. I had my second baby shower. All in all, a blessed week!

***I thought I had a picture of just me and my bump but it must've been taken on someone else's camera. How disappointing! Anyway, these are a small sampling of my lovely friends from church!

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