Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well, I failed the 1-hour glucose test. hat means I get to undergo the 3-hour tomorrow morning. I am bummed but at the same time, simply glad for modern medicine allowing me the opportunity to know if there is something wrong. Being on a restrictive diet or having to take (more) shots would be a massive bummer but anything to keep my little man healthy and safe!

We're having a lot of stress related to our insurance, so any warm fuzzies or prayers you have would be appreciated. Basically, the woman who does HR for Rob's former company feels absolutely no pressure or rush to get us the COBRA info in a timely fashion so we have been "deactivated" and it is causing problems. There's more to it then that but I won't bore you.

In more positive news, Rob had an interview early this morning and he is still gone, 2 hours later. I am choosing to look at this as an excellent sign! This is the job he really wants because there are a lot of perks you don't typically see in his industry, such as days that are only 10.5 hours long and some weekends off (unheard of!)


  1. I still wouldn't worry too much about failing the 1 hour. I failed with with Ava but then passed the 3 hour with flying colors. It's not a super accurate test the first time around. I didn't think either test was bad either. I personally love carbonated beverages so I didn't see what all the hype was about. It wasn't hard to "get it down" at all. The three hour wasn't exactly fun since you had to stay there & get tested every hour, but it was just a relaxing morning reading in the waiting room!

    Hope he gets the job! I will be praying! Oh, and I'm no HR expert, but I'm pretty sure there must be laws that they have to get you the COBRA info with so many days. I'd contact the state or something. That sounds really fishy.

  2. Sorry to hear about the GTT! =( I'll keep ya'll in my prayers that not only do you pass the 3 hour test, but that your hubby gets this great job! =) Keep us posted.