Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is There A Rage Stage?

If there is a "rage stage" I have reached it! I don't pride myself on my patience to start, but things are unreasonably bad lately. In fact, I'm sure the nickname "Captain Crankypants" was coined specifically for me.

Today we went to Wal-mart to make a return, and the woman working the door was rude. Now, she is always rude. She has been rude for the entire 5 months I have "known" her. She is a negative, miserable person, period, so it is not like she was acting out of character. Usually I avoid her or kill her with kindness but today I was forced to interact with her directly and I couldn't contain myself. I marched right up to the customer service department and let it be known what a rotten attitude she has.

Um, doesn't that qualify me as having a rotten attitude, too?

Now, it is Wal-mart so it's pretty safe to say nothing will come of my complaint. But karma sure bit me in the booty for letting her attitude infect mine because I ended up loosing an important receipt. That'll show me!

It wasn't just the Wal-mart witch, either. People have been on my very last nerve for very modest offenses. I? need a chill pill.

Please send sedatives.



  1. I'm so with you! I have no patience at all. I'm frustrated with it & so is everyone around me!

  2. Thrid tri is the cranky trimester and next time seek out an actual mgr for the complainant ( I worked there mgmt take complainants like that seriously).

  3. @Bobbi Janay I have complained to managers at Wal-mart in 2 states and they have not so much as batted an eye. :(