Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Weighty Issue

Since I started out pregnant well above my ideal weight, I have been very preoccupied with not gaining too much weight. According to my own research, a woman my size should look to gain approximately 15 pounds but not much more.

Now, my doctor has not mentioned my weight at all. As mortifying as it would be, I know she would just be doing her job. According to my home scale, I have gained about 4 pounds. It doesn't seem like a lot in comparison to what some women have shared they've gained by week 21, but our playing fields are not level.

With my anatomy scan on Tuesday I am becoming increasingly paranoid that my baby is starving or will measure small/behind. I'm trying to be rational about it all, but I could really kick myself for starting this journey as a full-fledged member of Team Fat Ass; it is only adding to my stress and paranoia (which it should if I take my baby's health seriously, don't get me wrong!)

Judging by the photographic evidence my gut is growing. A lot. But according to my mom I don't look pregnant, yet I also look like I've lost weight. How is this possible? Some other friends have remarked that I do look pregnant but maybe they're just trying to make me feel good?

Prior to getting pregnant my friend Rachel made a comment that has stuck with me for about 2 years. She is a mom of two and she said that your body does amazing things while pregnant, specifically, picking and choosing where it draws from and what it uses. She was gently comforting me over my concerns about just how much weight to lose before pregnancy without stressing my body by having to lose weight twice. I must admit this baby has kindly sucked up some of my back fat. Thank you, baby! I'm still in smaller pants, etc.

On my next visit I don't get to see my actual doctor, instead I will be visiting with their nurse practitioner. I am going to pick her brain a bit and then pick my doctor's brain next month. Do you have any suggestions for questions someone in my position should ask?

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