Monday, March 28, 2011

A TMI Post

I went to the Lady Bits Doctor today to see about a rash on my thigh. My insurance doesn't kick in for a few more days but I wanted to rule out an infection since I am pregnant. Mind you, I had no signs of a yeast infection, etc.

My regular doctor was booked so I was scheduled to see the midwife/nurse practitioner. So, there I am, knees to my ears, and the NP decides to break out the speculum. No big deal. better safe than sorry to rule something out, while pregnant, right? So, she remarks, "Well, you have discharge. It looks like textbook yeast infection." I'm like, of course I have discharge, you're digging in my vagina! But as for the odd discharge, I was skeptical as I had not noticed any before and I have had an infection prior so I know what to look for (not to mention I didn't have any other symptoms of a yeast infection.) But hey, she's the medical professional so I figure I'm just wrong.

Prior to my appointment, one of the nurses said they were going to test my urine in case I had a UTI. Again, I had no symptoms of a UTI but since I have never had one, I figured I'd just go with the program. Another case of "better safe than sorry."

So the exam wraps up super quick and I ask the NP about checking my platelets since I am on Heparin. She says she is going to run and look at my discharge under the microscope and be right back.

Instead, in walks my doctor, followed by the NP. The NP says I do not have a yeast infection (I knew it) but that my rash could be a sign of diabetes because sometimes rashes are a symptom of yeast infections(???) and if you get yeast infections during pregnancy it is a sign of diabetes. By now I am thoroughly confused.

She's already confirmed I do not have a yeast infection after claiming that visually it appeared I did. She is not prescribing anything for a yeast infection. My doctor is sitting there looking bewildered. The NP then says that the ketones in my urine could indicate diabetes. My doctor says, "Well, she hadn't eaten all day and had a soda immediately before her appointment. She has no other symptoms and I don't think she is a risk because she hasn't been gaining weight." The NP insists.

My doctor also told me I don't need to have my platelets checked because I will have only been on the Heparin for a short time. Once I got to the blood draw clinic, I look and see that the NP ordered my platelets checked! I don't mind double checking for safety but I trust my doctor. And frankly, since my insurance still hasn't kicked in, I wasn't too keen on spending the money for an additional blood test.

I think my doctor either adopted the "better safe than sorry" attitude or she didn't want to dilute my faith in the NP. Either way, I left the appointment feeling very confused. All this to say, I really hope I don't have diabetes! Have you guys ever had an appointment where you were the recipient of a lot of conflicting info?


  1. I would ask not to see that NP again.

  2. What a very strange appointment! It doesn't sound like you have anything to be worried about - except seeing that NP again :)

  3. Wow... that's all crazy. I wouldn't get the test. Just wait until your insurance kicks in. Or call & ask to speak to your doctor directly. I haven't had the greatest experience with NPs.