Friday, March 18, 2011

20 Weeks

This is a day late but much better than the complete lack of photo altogether for week 19. Man, it was HOT last night when I had Rob take this picture. I mean, really hot...and it's not even summer yet! 80 degrees at night is not going to work for me. Time to take advantage of having a good a/c system! Moving on...

How Far Along: 20 Weeks (More than 1/2 way done since this baby is being delivered at 38 weeks! Eeek!)

Size of baby: Mango.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I lost almost an entire pound while travelling and have not gained it back so we are up a total of 4 pounds. People have been remarking to me like I look like I have lost weight. As evidenced by my photo, my stomach is growing so I'm not worried.

Maternity Clothes: I re-organized my closet and have found a wealth of non-maternity clothes that can be worn. So, not only do I get to feel good about being organized and clean, but I get to save money. There were clothes in there I forgot I had. Living out of boxes sucks but I really needed to put in the time and I am glad I did.

Gender: Next Tuesday is the BIG DAY. My friend Carrie and her husband have a tradition of picking two names they really love, and then waiting till they meet their baby to do the final selection. Rob and I love this idea. On the bright side, even though I wanted a surprise, this will help with the naming process. Rob will only half-heartedly discuss it till we know what is coming.

Movement: The baby wasn't very active AT ALL yesterday and had me worried but today seems to be back to normal. I have read that regular movement is not to be expected, and I am not skinny so until I can pick my doctor's brain about it, I am going to go with the notion that things are as they should be. I am amazing myself at the lack of panicking I have done this pregnancy. I always figured I'd be one of those women who calls hysterical at the slightest cramp, etc. but it has been the opposite. Even when I had spotting I didn't call. Maybe having no insurance has something to do with it, LOL.

Sleep: Not too shabby, actually.

What I miss: Nothing, really. It would've been fun to enjoy a green cocktail last night but it really wasn't a big deal.

Cravings: Chicken wings and cupcakes. I always thought women who would make statements like, "It's what the baby wants" were simply making excuses to indulge in their cravings, but I am eating crow. I literally ate chicken wings for dinner two nights in a row. I don't even like spicy foods but I have been pouring hot sauce onto different things, such as eggs. As for the cupcakes, well, I just can't help it. Fortunately/unfortunately, Rob is catering to my every whim in this department. We'll see how that one goes. At least chicken is semi-healthy.

Symptoms: My skin is looking somewhat decent and I bought a deep cleaning shampoo so for this week I am practically presentable. That said, it is too dang hot to style my hair so a ponytail it is! Gah! I hate wearing a ponytail because for me, they are NEVER stylish and always a cop-out.

Best Moment this week: Good health!


  1. GO YOU! Congrats on making it to the 1/2 way mark! Thats awesome.

  2. I'm a big-time ponytail wearer - rock that ponytail, mama! It'll feel so much better in the heat :)