Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whoooooo, Doggy!

The heartburn? It is getting worse, thanks for asking. I think it might be time to up my dose of antacids. I could, ya know, change my diet but whatever. (If I could wink at you right now, I would.) It is actually happening before I even eat so I know food is not the only culprit.

In other news, my hair still persists in smelling like mildew! I used some of my girlfriend's Herbal Essences and it seemed to keep the smell at bay so I bought some to use at home. Do you guys have any recommendations for me on a good shampoo? I am presently trying to wash out the reamining color so I can go black to blonde so color-safe is not necessary. I used to use a mouistruzing/anti-frizz/deep conditioning for damaged hair product but pregnancy has turned me into a greaseball so that is probably not necessary, either. From my health and beauty travels to target today I'd say there no longer exists a generic shampoo just for washing so I will take your suggestions. My hair is very, very thick. And it is humid. And I don't like Pantene at all. Please and thank you!

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  1. Sean uses Suave and it seems to be a pretty good basic, no frills shampoo. Otherwise, I'm not really a good help because I've been switching my shampoos up for a while. I did like this one that might help with the greasy - it was L'Oreal (I think) something botanical and smelled like rosemary mint. It smelled awesome, and I'm pretty sure it was cheap @ Target (maybe $5.99?).

    Also - that's pretty funny that I was in your dream! Pregnancy must be a trip!