Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Letter

Dearest Heparin,

I should've known this whole blood thinner thing was too good to be true. I was so spoiled on the Lovenox-no burning, complications, no bruising. But Heparin, you are a cranky older sister.

I know you are tried-and-true, I know you save lives, I know! But you are a witch!

To quote my husband, it looks like "someone took a paintball gun to my gut!"

And yes, you sting. Don't you know that people don't like to be stung? It hurts!

And lastly, you are not aging well. Most newer medicines come with much more civilized methods of injection. Ever heard of a pre-filled syringe? Fighting your 70's era needle is tiring. The fear of a embolism caused by a rogue bubble has me hesitating to push the syringe.

My dear, God willing, our days are numbered. I appreciate what you mean to my health and that of my baby, but I will not miss you. I am thankful to have had you but will not miss you. The fact that you're chewing my platelets up only to spit them out doesn't bode well with me, either; I'm lethargic because of you!

Please don't consider me an ingrate. I am so grateful for all you're capable of...I just prefer my medicine to come from this century. See you again in June-I sure hope time doesn't fly!

In crankiness,


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