Tuesday, March 29, 2011


You may recall I have been agonizing over my weight. I had read somewhere that my doctor should've told me how much I was "allowed" to gain during my first appointment. She never mentioned it and hasn't mentioned it in any follow-up appointments so I followed I would ask her during my impromptu visit with her.

I started by acknowledging I was not an ideal weight when I got pregnant. Her eyes got very large and she said, "You're not big at all! Who told you that?" I told her my previous doctor had discouraged me from pregnancy till I was done losing weight. I reminded her I have only gained 4 pounds in 21 weeks.

She reiterated several times that I am allowed to gain 20-25 pounds and she further stated that due to my slow gain, she was confident I would be leaving the hospital my original size! Wow! This entire time I was expecting her to tell me to gain no more than 15 pounds! It was scary to think I could only add 11 more and I was only half-way done. Now, obviously this is not a license to pig out but it did ease my concerns.

If I'm being candid, my old doctor really shamed me. Like, a lot. I was always insecure about having to see her because she always made me feel bad about myself. I knew I had to lose weight and I was in the process of it, I didn't need the additional negativity. This is not to say I don't expect my doctors to discuss my health issues. On the contrary, I respect that they need to address any concerns. It was the frequency and means by which she did so that made me feel like scum of the Earth.

I really, really hope my new insurance is accepted by my doctor. She makes me feel like a normal person, and I adore her for that!

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