Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Racing the Clock

I really think I need to change the name or the theme of this blog to "sexually and physically explicit pregnancy issues." The further along I get, the less guarded i am. I love reading other people's true life experiences so I am just going to bare all in hopes someone else can relate or feel comforted by all my TMI posts. I never intended for my "family" blog to be graphic but I'm just following where my instincts are leading.

As I have previously documented, sex during the 1st trimester was more or less non-existent, mainly due to spotting (and not having insurance to get it investigated) and just plain feeling "off." I never had morning sickness and was rarely tired, but I definitely did not feel like myself.

Now in the second trimester, I have recently been able to recall that sex is pleasurable. Accordingly, I want to have some of it. Last night, I noticed the baby felt squished. I was short of breath and it felt like there was no room for baby to move. I know that soon enough my baby will be entirely too big for the missionary position. Incidentally, this is "my" position if you catch my drift. I'm sure in the 3rd trimester I will have some obligatory sex for Rob's sake, but in the meantime, I feel like we need to have as much sex as possible before it is entirely too uncomfortable.

I have been reading a lot on post-partum sex so I can understand what the journey ahead of us will entail. Well, as much as someone else's experiences can help, anyway. I want to make sure I have realistic expectations, etc. By most accounts, things will be, at a minimum, different once baby is here. Returning to normalcy or establishing a new normalcy will take some time so I want to enjoy myself.

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