Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I had my final ultrasound and NST this morning. Here are some shots of le bebe:

Baby gave me a run for my money and wasn't very active, but with an extremely high heartbeat during the NST so the nurse had to stay with me and get me some juice. So stressful! He had to make the last visit memorable, I think!

They are estimating his weight to be about 7.5 pounds. This means I only have one week left to try to fatten him up. Turns out I didn't gain any weight in the past week despite the added eating. I am holding strong at 17 pounds. I also got to see his little face in high resolution (I saved my tears of joy for the car, ha!) They think he won't have much, if any, hair. I really wanted a baby with troll hair but he was so precious looking I think I am OK with baldness.

I washed alllll his clothes yesterday. I started to put it away but Rob came home sick so my day ended basically right then. I also put the linens in his bassinet and crib. My to-do list is getting shorter and shorter. Slowly but surely.... My goal is to have everything done by the weekend so Rob and I can relax. Oh, and get this! Rob says to me, "I got invited to Hurricane Harbor this weekend (a water park.)" He was actually hoping I would say for him to go! He must be out of his mind. If I went into labor on my own I wouldn't even be able to call him because obviously you don't keep your phone on you on a waterslide. Not to mention, it is our last weekend together and my feelings were hurt he wanted to spend his day with co-workers. Whatever.

I don't want to end this post on a sad note so I will just say that I was so thrilled and excited to see my little man. Of course I'm partial but I thought he was beautiful!

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  1. Look st those lips! Wow, only a week to go. Crazy! Can't wait to see pictures of him!