Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Thought I Was Losing My Mind!

Three weeks ago my kid flipped breach. NBD since I'm having a c/s. In the middle of the night I was woken up by an extreme pain. It hurt so bad I literally sat straight up in bed.

I looked at my stomach and I could see that my baby was in a transverse position. I've always, always said I am not one of those women who can accurately tell you where baby is positioned, which parts are which, etc. Because of this I wasn't 100% confident and thought maybe I was losing my mind. He seemed very intent on whatever he was doing in there so I switched positions hoping it would help him or encourage him to keep on moving.

Lo, I went for my weekly ultrasound this morning and the tech confirmed that he was now head down, "ready, locked and loaded." My belly looks entirely different, too. If I lay flat and use what used to be my abs to raise my body, it looks like an alien cone. I saw the doctor just yesterday and he was nowhere near being in position and in a matter of a few hours, he went and did "his thing." And dayum if it didn't hurt! Good thing this wimp isn't birthing him traditionally!

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