Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Manufacturers, Listen Up!

With the consensus being that crib bumpers are very dangerous and raise the risk of SIDS, I am very confused as to why manufacturers put them in bedding sets. We were told at the hospital that the baby needs to stay in our room for 6 months to be safe. So, I asked if the bumpers are to be used when baby is older, such as a pre-toddler, for their comfort. I was told, unequivocally, NO. In fact, they said older babies and toddlers shouldn't have them in cribs because they can use them to launch themselves out while climbing. Gee, that's great.

So what the heck? I've got this beautiful bedding that wasn't cheap, and I can't use 25% of what I paid for. I think the manufacturers need to get with the program. They could include either a breathable bumper in a coordinating color, or an extra sheet, AKA something useful. What a waste of money!


  1. totally agree, I don't get why they put it in sets either. Usually moms will put the bumpers in so that you can see the whole set and then take it out once baby is here.. which doesn't make sense at all. Some moms will also use it in the beginning since babies don't move around too much to really risk sids. doesn't make sense to me at all

  2. I am with you. I think we used Lucy's at the very beginning when she was swaddled and didn't move, but once she started to roll and such, we took it out. I know some moms say it's perfectly safe to leave the bumpers in, but I just didn't feel comfortable with it. I agree with you that they should include breathable bumpers in the bedding sets instead.