Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Getting There

The nursery is still under construction. Over the past few days I have been to ten stores in search of an appropriate rug. Alas, even with the internet, I didn't fall in love with anything. We settled on a rug from Ikea, which is amazing to me since it is extremely rare that they have any products I like.

Rob placed all the furniture and vacuumed, my mom washed the baseboards, and now I begin the tedious process of washing the bedding and all all his clothes so I can set things up. I still (desperately) need to do an inventory to see what I have left to buy. Since the majority of our clothes are upcycled from friends, I need to go through and label stuff so I can return it when the baby outgrows it.

We bought a glider and an ottoman off of Craig's List and we need to recover the cushion-it is absolutely the ugliest of the ugly but as soon as that is done I can show some pictures. I 2 weeks so I'd better get on it!

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