Saturday, December 18, 2010


Of the very few people who know I'm pregnant, they're all asking the same things:

1. Am I sick?

2. Am I tired?

3. Am I having weird cravings?

The odd thing about pregnancy is that people come out of the woodwork with their horror stories. If I am to believe the hype, pregnancy is the very worst thing to happen to a woman and it is a miracle humans have progressed as a species because their is no answer to why we continue to breed.

Thankfully, none of the hype has pertained to me (yet.)

I feel terrific. I'm only slightly tired. Other than the requisite sore breasts, I have no complaints. The high I am getting off of being pregnant must mask all the crappy stuff or lessen it for me. If I'm suddenly hit with morning sickness or an aversion to all foods, I will just give thanks because countless other women long for this same thing I'm getting to experience.

Actually, I wouldn't mind an aversion to food because I could stand to lose a few pounds!

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