Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deep Breaths

I haven't posted anything about the most joyous time in my life because I've been sidetracked with paralyzing fear.

After Christmas dinner I started spotting.

If you don't want the graphic details, stop reading now...

It was dark brown, not red, and there was only a slight amount. I had no cramping or pain.

Since I don't have COBRA yet I decided to try not to torture myself too much with Dr. Google. After some limited internet research and discussing it with the female experts in my life, I have decided to not agonize. There is nothing I can do, anyway. I didn't want to mention it to too many people because as most pregnant women will attest, you are barraged with Dooms Day info. Not what I want to hear.

I'm on self-imposed bed rest and otherwise feel really good, save for some evening sickness that is really quite mild.

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