Sunday, December 12, 2010



I reserved this blog address almost three years ago after we were married in hopes of one day joining the ranks of Motherhood.

Yesterday I took a pregnancy test and this was the result:

It was nothing like what I expected. The night prior had seen quite a bit of drama, so I took it almost absent-mindedly.

My husband had said he wanted me to announce it to him in some grand manner, but after trolling the internet, I couldn't think of anything creative.

I told him in the garage.

I know, I suck.

Honestly? I wondered if it would ever happen for me. All my friends IRL are a bunch of Fertile Myrtles so when my husband was able to make eye contact with me without knocking me up, it gave me pause for concern. Online is a different story, though. I have seen so much fertility heartache. The very first thing we did this morning was venture out to a new church to give thanks to GOD for the ultimate blessing. With His continued grace we will welcome a new member of our family next summer.

At this point I am still mostly in denial but I will say this: I am grateful beyond words. Oh yeah, and: YIKES OHMIGAWSH HOORAY I'M SCARED!

P.S. Currently taking suggestions on a nickname for the offspring. It will need to be unisex because if I have MY way, we won't be finding out the sex.

P.P.S.S. Why yes, I am wearing two different shades of plaid. That's what happens when you live out of a box. Harumph. Don't judge, lol.

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