Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Am Boycotting Buffalo Wild Wings

Let me preface this by saying our food was good. We have actually eaten there several times. However, our experience last night is worth sharing lest anyone else experience an injury while dining there. After our meal, as we were walking through the dining room, my toddler took a nasty spill. My husband immediately picked him up and he was bleeding very badly from his mouth. We sat him down on the counter where they bring people their to-go orders to investigate what had happened. (Were he not injured I would've never sat him on the counter, as I recognize that is unsanitary.) Anyway, he was screaming at the top of his lungs and we were both covered in his blood. Not one single employee offered us assistance. There were several hostesses standing less than 5 feet away, nothing. Two servers walked past, nothing. I spotted a manager about 10 feet away and sent my husband over to ask for some ice so we could see if he was missing a tooth, had just split his lip, etc. There was a lot of blood. When my husband got to the manager, the guy told my husband to try the door by the bar for ice! He didn't offer to get it for him, etc. So my husband walked down to the other door and patiently waited to be acknowledged by the kitchen staff before getting some ice. When your child is screaming in pain and spitting blood, a few minutes feels like eternity. After we finally got him iced and settled down, the "Team Captain" came over and asked, 'Would you like a bag for your boxes?" I was so upset they didn't even acknowledge my son's injury or offer assistance, that all I could say was, 'Are you kidding me? No!' I will admit I left in a huff. Aside from the obvious, that blood is a bio-hazard, a restaurant should be prepared and train their staff to handle emergencies. I wasn't blaming them for his fall, but they could've made the situation a lot less stressful by offering ice, water, ANYTHING. Shameful that they would all turn their heads and pretend to be busy when the restaurant was not even busy. Well, shameful in general. We will not be wasting anymore time or money there. There are plenty of other wing joints who might act like decent human beings when the need arises.

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