Monday, March 5, 2012

Rough Week

So, last week was super sad.

This week won't be much better, and it stands to be a lot more stressful.

I am trying to help organize meals and the memorial service for my friend who passed. I really hope I can do well by her family.

In the midst of all that I have two doctor appointments I am absolutely dreading. On Wednesday I have to see a dermatologist to make sure whatever is on my face isn't skin cancer. On Friday I have to see a different specialist to make sure that I don't have colon issues of some sort. Fun! Not really.

If you're so inclined, please send some good vibes or prayers my way that I don't screw up what should be a special day to honor and celebrate my friend, and that my body isn't trying to tell me bad news.

Much obliged.


  1. Lots of prayers for everyone involved. I hope that your appointments turn out to be nothin more then beig cautious.

  2. Sending tons of T&Ps your way lady! Do something nice for yourself this week to de-stress if you can. Good luck at your appts. I hope all comes back normal!