Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Letter

Dear Everyone Asking When I'm Going to Have Another Baby,

First and foremost, how rude! There are several reasons why you should never ask someone such a question and they include (but are not limited to) fertility issues, sex issues and money issues. But! Since you asked, I am going to answer.

I believe with all my heart that you owe it to your kids to be the best you can be. This means doing your best to raise them properly. Now, Lincoln is only 8 months old. If I were to be pregnant, that would mean having two children under the age of two. Now, plenty of people love that scenario and for many it works. Let me be clear: I could not be the best possible mother with two kids that close in age.

I just couldn't.

It would be a disservice to my offspring. More power to ya if that is your deal, but to be my best for them, I need some spacing.

And another thing! Baby making is supposed to be fun. To be honest, we are not yet back to fun. Because Lincoln is still almost exclusively breast fed, and in combination with lovely hormones, I suffer the same issue as most menopausal women. Yeah, I'm lucky like that. So, with my sex life in the (temporary) crapper, it is highly unlikely I will be having that oh-so-special baby making sex. (Aren't you glad you read my blog so you can get guaranteed TMI posts in your feed? No. Harumph.)

And last but certainly not least, I am broke. So broke, in fact, that I probably qualify for public assistance. I don't believe you should accept benefits unless you really need them, so for now I haven't collected. But my point here is that if I can barely afford the kid I have now, I don't really have any business making another one. When the glorious day arrives that we no longer live with my parents, and are more financially stable, I will hurriedly get knocked up.

We do want more kids in the future, but in the meantime we are enjoying the infant we still have. I'm so glad you're happy that you knocked out a grip of kids consecutively. I also appreciate you think I have the mettle to do the same. But please, for the love of all that is Holy, do not ask me at the zoo in front of 5 other women, at church, in the grocery store (I'm looking at you, Strangers!) or any other time for that matter. Procreation is personal. I don't mind sharing certain things in private, but as someone who didn't get pregnant the very second they started trying, I really wish you'd stop asking when Blessing #2 is scheduled to make an appearance.


Happy With What I've Already Got


  1. Amen. I am so tired of people asking me that. Oh, and the people who tell me I HAVE TO HAVE ANOTHER CHILD RIGHTTHISSECOND. Get a life.

  2. It only gets worse as they get older. Just saying!