Friday, September 2, 2011

Yay/Nay: Clothes Addition

I told you I lost weight nursing, right? Lincoln is now 5.5 weeks and I am down 13 pounds. I now weight what I did around 2007/2008. When it gets cool outside (ha!) and I am cleared, I intend to power walk with him. Part of the weight loss has been that I very rarely get time to eat, let alone completely finish a meal. I have also cut out a lot of soda because my son can't tolerate any caffeine whatsoever. Officially, though, breastfeeding gets the majority credit. Here we go:

Yay: I lost 13 pounds and look better!

Nay: I have no clothes that fit (literally) and no budget in which to purchase more.

***I don't remember who's blog started the Nay/Yay theme but if it was yours, thank you for the inspiration and feel free to credit yourself in the comments.


  1. I SO understand! I don't have any clothes either. I have lost 20 lbs, but have 15 still to go... which means maternity clothes are awkward and big, but my pre-preg clothes won't even go over my hips! I think I'm going to stop by a consignment store and grab a few things to tide me over until my body figures out what size it wants to be.