Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh, The Reflux!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I took Lincoln to the doctor for projectile vomiting. Thankfully, we were able to rule out Pyloric Stenosis, which runs in my family. I don't want to minimize his condition, but I am thankful it wasn't this.

Lincoln has reflux.

He has it bad.

He is in a lot of pain and we waste a lot of Liquid Gold (AKA breast milk.)

We are taking some disgusting medicine twice a day and implementing other techniques such as feeding at an angle, sleeping at an angle, pretty much living at an angle. Oh, and we have to burp him for a minimum of twenty minutes a day. Talk about making a night feeding drag on even more!

I still maintain I am thrilled it was not something worse. My girlfriend's baby had Pyloric Stenosis mere weeks ago and it require surgery. How she survived the fear of her newborn requiring surgery is beyond me, but she has my respect for her strength!

I have reflux as an adult so it breaks my heart to see him screaming in pain from the acid in his throat. If you're so inclined, please say a prayer or send a warm fuzzy for my baby!


  1. Oh, Lincoln! Poor guy! Good thing he has such an awesome mommy for snuggles. Our little guy slept at an angle (on a Boppy, in fact) for his first 3 months and now sleeps great on a flat surface. Hope that's comforting.

  2. Charlie seems to react to dairy and soy in my diet. If I have either one, he does a projectile spit-up... gross! If I avoid them, then his spit-up is minimal. You might look into dietary causes... babies are so darn picky! :)