Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cultural Differences, A Conversation

I was getting my nails done by a friendly Vietnamese woman when this conversation happened (no really):

Lady: You want me to tell you how to lose all your baby weight?

Me: Well, I already did but sure, I could always stand to lose more!

Lady: You have to salt the weight off your body! Salt, salt, salt! (She then proceeds to go into an entire Eastern medicine schpeal.)

Me: I see. Well, maybe I can try it.

Lady: (Gestures to her breast to indicate breast feeding.)

Me: Yes, I breastfeed my baby.

Lady: Oh. Then you will have saggy breasts!

Me: It's OK, I will just buy a new pair!

Lady: Oh no, no. You do like my people! You go to the Walmart and get birth control. It should be $9. It will make your breasts look better. Much better! And it will make sure you never have more than two kids. My people! I swear it! That's what we do!


  1. lol Wow! That's is some advice you received there. Very interesting. =)

  2. Ha ha that is so strange! Some of the things they say are just so unfiltered, it is like being around toddlers. How do you even react to that?